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New Delhi:
Hans Bhawan, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg, ITO, New Delhi
(Phone: 0091 11 2671 1384)
Mumbai: Tata Press Building, 2nd Floor, 414 S.V Marg, Mumbai
(Phone: 0091 22 2262 1169)
Kolkata: 237, A.J.C Bose Road, Kolkata
(Phone: 0091 33 2247 0549)
Chennai: ShastriBhawanAnnexe, 26, Haddows Road, Chennai
(Phone: 0091 44 2827 7036)
In all other places, the Superintendents of District Police act as FRRO.
Who Must Register?:
Pakistan Nationals must register at the FRRO within 24 hours of arrival in India Afghan Nationals must register at the FRRO within 7days of arrival in India.
The following categories of visitors / visa holders must register within 14days of their first arrival in India:
  • Foreign nationals, including those of Indian origin, visiting India on a long term ( more than 180 days) Student Visa, Medical Visa, Research Visa or Employment Visa, are required to get themselves registered with the FRRO concerned having jurisdiction over the place where the foreigner intends to stay, within 14 days of arrival.
  • Tourist visa holders who travel to India within the mandatory period of two months have to obtain clearance from the Embassy/Consulate.
  • Foreigners other than those mentioned above will not be required to get themselves registered, even if they have entered India on a long term visa provided their continuous stay in India does not exceed 180 days. If the intention of the foreigner is to stay for more than 180 days, he/she should get himself/herself registered within 180 days from the date of arrival with concerned FRRO/FRO. In such cases the mission stamp visa sticker to the effect Registration not required if each stay does not exceed 180days .
Foreign nationals, including those of Indian origin visiting India on long term Tourist visa (more than 180 days) should ensure that each stay should not exceed 180 days on a 1 year Tourist visa and 90 days on a five year tourist visa. Registration is not required on Tourist visa. A gap of 2 months is mandatory between two visits on tourist visa.
Documents Required for Registration:
Please ensure that you carry the following documents along with:
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Photocopy of your initial visa
  • Four passport-sized colour photographs of yourself
  • Details of your residence in India.
  • If you are seeking an extension of your stay on the grounds that your spouse is an Indian national; a copy of your marriage certificate
  • If you are holding a student visa: A certificate of enrollment and attandance from the university / college / institution where you are studying.
  • If you are holding a journalist visa: Accreditation certificate from the Indian Press Information Bureau.
If you are holding an Employment Visa:
  1. A copy of your employment contract
  2. The terms and conditions of appointment
  3. An undertaking from your company in India, on the company's letterhead, signed by the competent authority and with the company stamp, certifying as follows: "''We take full responsibility for the activities and conduct of Mr / Mrs. (Full Name), national of (Country) during his or her stay in India. If anything adverse against him / her comes to our notice during the period, we undertake to repatriate him / her at our cost ".
  4. In case you have been appointed to the Board of a Public Limited Company: Approval from the Department Company Affairs.
  5. In case you are a partner in a joint venture or foreign collaboration agreement.
    1. Copy of approval by the government of India (in duplicate)
    2. Copy of permission from the Reserve Bank of India.
    3. Copy of agreement contract

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